29 בספטמבר 2013 § השארת תגובה

Jenny's been hiding
In bed all day
Not thin enough
She's not OK

Jenny is gliding
Towards her room
From the bath back to bed
A weightless plume

Vultures seen in town
Dad is breaking down
Mom ain't gonna flee
Sweetie, talk to me

Not all physicians
Give up on her
These pale blue eyes
They fade and stare

All medications
Washed down the drains
Some stubborn life
In her cheeks remains

Vultures seen in town
Dad is breaking down
Mom will not despair
Jen, it isn't fair

Jenny, Sweetie
Don't you leave me
Get off these chains
And live again

Jenny is sneaking
Down a corridor
Back to her room
Have you seen her before

Dad is breaking down
Mom don't make a sound
Vultures on the lawn
Where's the boyfriend gone

Jenny's been hiding
In bed all day

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